Devourer of Worlds

by Ara



released 31 August 2014



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Ara Milwaukee, Wisconsin

4 piece death metal band from Milwaukee, WI, featuring members of Northless, and Concentric.

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Track Name: Jerupitus, the Blood-Drenched
Revelling in the chaos created in the pitch black night
I worship you
You have many names, but have need for none
Reclaim your kingdom you swallower of suns
The hour of eclipse draws near, pulling in tides of fear

Frenetic insanity accompanied by chariots of flame
Domination that can never be stopped
I will bathe in blood

Infinite suffering for the nonbelievers
The blood moon keeps rising bathing the landscape in deep crimson

I place the sacrifice on the sacred dais, procuring the favor of the realm of darkness

Drenched in blood, you appear to me high atop your throne in the sky
Bind the fates using their own strings, breaking apart their enchantments
Part the heavens
Hell on Earth, I welcome your arrival
My guardian, I call to you; dismember my useless body
My veins long to empty themselves in service to my shining king
Take my ultimate loyalty
Reign for aeons
I beg you, merge your soul with mine, demonizer
Bow your heads, fading gods, forever drenched in blood
Track Name: Dredgehammer
Necromancy all around me
The coming battle looms large inside of my mind

Inside of my mind a plan is devised
The keepers of time must all be murdered

Scorched earth from years of war, now the stage is set
I stand in bitter solitude and can only offer you regret
Tidal waves of hero’s blood crash against bone fortifications
Rising from this hideous baptism, I am cleansed of death, purified that I might vanquish my enemies

Grim salvation; I foresee the end
Spilled libations; Incantation of blood
Ever onward; I will march forward to defeat my destiny

Poisonous stench of decay
Pure disgust builds inside me
Girding myself for warfare, there will be no prisoners taken

Resurrected insurrection
At my command: undead legion
Only I can wield this weapon
Stormclouds gather and graves open

Cry out the mystic words of old
No respite from the bitter cold
An immortal army at my back
I raise my maul to give the signal and unleash hell

Dredgehammer, strengthen me
Humans are graveyard filler

Grim salvation; I foresee the end
Spilled libations; Incantation of blood
Ever onward; we march in lockstep
The hammer falls and the dead rise from their graves