Devourer of Worlds

by Ara

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GeN2Mo Somewhere between the abyssal rumbling of Portal, skewed melodies of Anata and screetching rhythms of Gorguts, Ara carve out their own space of straight forward yet odd and menacingly towering Death Metal soundscapes. Delightfully twisted, technical but somehow still extremely accessible. Favorite track: Cadaverlanche.
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released December 7, 2014

Adam Bujny - Vocals
Jerry Hauppa - Guitars
James Becker - Bass/Vocals
Erik Stenglein - Drums

Recorded and Mixed by Ara and Shane Hochstetler at Howl Street Recordings
Mastered by Colin Marston



all rights reserved


Ara Milwaukee, Wisconsin

5 piece death metal band from Milwaukee, WI, featuring members of Northless, Shroud of Despondency and Concentric.

James Becker-bass
Adam Bujny-vocals
Jerry Hauppa-guitar
Jon Liedtke- guitar
Erik Stenglein- drums
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Track Name: Incunabulum
My mind’s eye penetrates the ancient fortress
Seething anger grips me
Black sorcery all around, pacts of negation break

Decipher incomprehensible text scrawled upon pages of flesh
Resist my advance
I will uncover this psalm, drinking in secrets beyond mere mortal knowledge
Bleeding the seals away, nothing between me and fate
I will crush you
Completing the final stage, all my doubts die

A foul curse from aeons past
The incunabulum is mine
Track Name: Obelisk
The old gods live inside me
I can hear their voices in my mind…guiding me

Oh, fallen deities I give unto you my complete being
Show me your true form that I may resurrect you through sacrifice

Let the bloodletting begin, this is a war you cannot win

The blood of ancients flows through me
Conduits across the ages bearing signs; cryptic glyphs
The visions come in shattered riddles
My pulse pounds, bequeathing strength into my hands

Fall, fall down false edifice
Finally erase all the distress
Blow away as ashes
Bearing the scars of one thousand lashes
Defy mortality
Gaze upon the black stone ever rising skyward
Reveal the grand design
Behold my everlasting unglory

Your power shines
Tears of blood fill my eyes

This structure is my legacy
Something that time can’t destroy
A tombstone for lies

All the false idols will now cease to be
Word of my dark deed spreads like plague worldwide
My flesh turns to flame, a conscious effigy

As I burn, the sky churns; unnatural brilliance
A vortex divided by infinite artifice
A doorway, a passage to the beyond opening
My psyche torn apart; in madness my visions come to be.
Track Name: Jerupitus, the Blood-Drenched
Revelling in the chaos created in the pitch black night
I worship you
You have many names, but have need for none
Reclaim your kingdom you swallower of suns
The hour of eclipse draws near, pulling in tides of fear

Frenetic insanity accompanied by chariots of flame
Domination that can never be stopped
I will bathe in blood

Infinite suffering for the nonbelievers
The blood moon keeps rising bathing the landscape in deep crimson

I place the sacrifice on the sacred dais, procuring the favor of the realm of darkness

Drenched in blood, you appear to me high atop your throne in the sky
Bind the fates using their own strings, breaking apart their enchantments
Part the heavens
Hell on Earth, I welcome your arrival
My guardian, I call to you; dismember my useless body
My veins long to empty themselves in service to my shining king
Take my ultimate loyalty
Reign for aeons
I beg you, merge your soul with mine, demonizer
Bow your heads, fading gods, forever drenched in blood
Track Name: Insectile Aberration
I forsee my impending change
Break away from my earthly chains
Creation of a new species
Fear falls away from me
Death or revolution awaits in the shadows

Failure only burdens the weak
I am the sacrifice
I must push myself beyond flesh to immortality
The candle’s flame grows dim
In darkness I decide I will hesitate no longer and find absolute truth in myself

The solution breaches my lips
Anticipation becomes mutation
Blinding pain envelops me
Grasping my throat I choke down screams

Lies foretold by gods of old descend to cloud my legion eyes
Hidden deep inside my hideous chrysalis
Reborn, I cannot be stopped

This is my new self
To live is to die
Now awaken and rise

Poisonous wings of gore protrude from infested wounds
Reflections reveal imperfections
This disease is the antidote

Insectile human, an aberration
I’m not of this worls
You will be destroyed

The solution was always me
Mutation becomes proliferation
Blinding pain envelops you
Grasping your throat I choke down screams
Track Name: Cadaverlanche
Genocide is my name, death to all vile human entities
Their bodies piled high: a mountain; my perverse Olympus
A home fit for a god such as me, here I lie in waiting
To bury all of Earth with the dead; this is my true purpose
And you were born to die

Kill all the vile human entities
Towering; my perverse Olympus
At the summit; here I lie in waiting
To bring death; this is my true purpose
And you were born to be buried alive

Fulminating against humanity
An endless torrent of rotting flesh will swallow land and sea

Triggered by a single skull, cliffs of the dead begin to fall
There is no stopping it now
Destruction wrought by an avalanche of cadavers

Wretched terramorphic vulgarity
A new landscape of decomposition; the carrion will feed

I hereby transform the globe
An empty canvas to defile
There is no stopping it now
Destruction wrought by an avalanche of cadavers

Buried beneath dead bodies
No air to breathe
Suffocating flood of rot released
Apocalypse of weaponized deceased

Do not pray-
Your nonexistent god won’t save you
Death begets death
Poison fumes replace the atmosphere
Unholy stench
I declare war on all forms of life
To bring about the end of days

Culminating with my victory
A wave of death washes over the world; I stand atop the crest

Dead silence screams all around
There is no movement, there is no sound
Global decay begins now
Destruction wrought by an avalanche of cadavers
Track Name: Dredgehammer
Necromancy all around me
The coming battle looms large inside of my mind

Inside of my mind a plan is devised
The keepers of time must all be murdered

Scorched earth from years of war, now the stage is set
I stand in bitter solitude and can only offer you regret
Tidal waves of hero’s blood crash against bone fortifications
Rising from this hideous baptism, I am cleansed of death, purified that I might vanquish my enemies

Grim salvation; I foresee the end
Spilled libations; Incantation of blood
Ever onward; I will march forward to defeat my destiny

Poisonous stench of decay
Pure disgust builds inside me
Girding myself for warfare, there will be no prisoners taken

Resurrected insurrection
At my command: undead legion
Only I can wield this weapon
Stormclouds gather and graves open

Cry out the mystic words of old
No respite from the bitter cold
An immortal army at my back
I raise my maul to give the signal and unleash hell

Dredgehammer, strengthen me
Humans are graveyard filler

Grim salvation; I foresee the end
Spilled libations; Incantation of blood
Ever onward; we march in lockstep
The hammer falls and the dead rise from their graves
Track Name: Execution
Bring their heads and lay them at my feet

Endless repetition brings a perfect perception of complex paths to victory lesser beings cannot fathom
Obsessive psychosis lies deep inside my fevered mind
Compulsive research engine; I will never rest or tire

In solitude I fear nothing
Awaiting the revelation
Self-discipline on full display

Now I will bring down the hammer
Your advantage evaporates
My black eyes can see your weakness and they’ll watch you disintegrate


This is your execution
This is your dying day
This is your execution at my hands


Maniacal and bloodthirsty
Senses honed to use as weapons
Dominating my opponents
My life has led to this moment
A calm and precise killing motion

I’ve perfected my dark form
A twisted triumph
Track Name: Cruel Epitaph
My wasted life’s foul memory immortalized by vainglory
Forever etched in cuneiform
Tombs beneath tombs hold my remains forevermore

Twisting history with my story
Nothingness from whence I came
Bastard child without a name
My casket fortified by sorcery

Dead and gone, I have passed
Unmake my image
Setting the past in flames, recanting psychic pain
Bitterest prayers unheard by the gods
Silence will follow me
Deign not to my hypocrisy, I am buried in heart and soul

Death must have meaning; a false ideal
Obfuscation of the truth suturing flesh wounds of the damned who shall never speak of me

Erase my memetic legacy
Deformed, unborn, forlorn, bonestorm
Mythic meaning lost in a sea of regret
Defy the sky torn to carnage: toxic orthodoxy

No memoriam for my wasted life’s end at long last
No mortal dares recount my tale
Smashed tombstones; a cruel epitaph for the slain
Of whom nothing will remain

Extinguish the final flames of belief

Ease your sorrow; nothing lost, nothing mourned
Feast and famine; ash and dust take my form
Forgotten lord of lies, you’ve fallen
Now bleed and never rest in peace
Track Name: Human Garbage
Trash is what you are
Disgust curls my face
This world sickens me
Wretch; I want to wretch
I can taste your plague, and it sickens me

Fated to gaze upon the endless swarm
Omnipresent horror fills my eyes
Beyond shadows lies living landfill: humanity

Torment besieges my senses
Such filth cannot be cleansed
Deny not what lies before you: unmasked indignation

Life discontinued
Prized solitude
Glimpsing horizons obscured by the vulgarity of creation

Exponentially growing disgust
Overwhelming rush of boiling blood
The corruption here runs deep, what sins sown must now I reap?
Frozen in time by falling darkness
Trapped inside this sublime perversion
Refuse all around; thorns forming my crown; blind eyes staring down

On wicked visions of man, the existence of which must be undone violently

A waste of flesh defined
Rend the fate of all things and be torn asunder

I am confronted by this imposing, monsterous intrusion
My eyes, black with judgment perceive the depths below

You are human garbage.

Epoch, epoch of scum
Time itself cannot swallow me, I am threatened with eternity
Reviled foe, I see your face and yours alone
Create the end of flesh
Begin, worldfire begin
Erase this travest, engulf and obliterate, sparing only me, left behind undefiled
Track Name: Devourer of Worlds
I, the devourer of worlds slumber no longer
I hunger to end all life
Creation’s demise from the frozen depths of space
My magnificence must be shared with the universe
Thus, I begin my journey

Death, the lattice upon which I will paint my masterpiece
Unfurl my endless limbs; extend my reach everywhere
The simultaneous screams of billions of souls crushed soon will fill the silent expanse of outerspace

I, God’s nightmare; sentience’s doom
Slowly at first, I open my jaws
Shattering ice; an ancient prison
My iron heart pounds inside my chest

Life, the fickle candle’s flame that I seek to extinguish
Leaving behind only trails of disgorged wurmholes
I will stop at nothing to consume every planet
The simultaneous screams of billions of souls crushed
Soon will fill the silence my ears have heard for too long
Fistfuls of star systems; I will wolf them all down
Feed my ceaseless hunger

Broken free from my cage, now I will feast
My boundless intellect seeks to snuff out all thought
Eyes of all worlds gaze on my perfection as my fangs approach them
An endless expanse of gnashing teeth fill the sky, now you all will die
Perish; You will be masticated and then forgotten

I, travelling at light speed

Beast beyond imagining
Become one with me now

I’ll tear a hole in spacetime
No dimension left for life to exist in

I come upon the final sun
My mirrorskin reflects the light
I’ve come to end the march of time
Consume every single thing

In absolute darkness I retreat

All creation unmade

Desecrated oblivion; all that remains
I have become the vacant black expanse and so into myself I will fade.