The Blessed Sleep

by Ara

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In a time when current death metal acts can be broken down into two common styles which both share a need for innovation and identity, Milwaukee band Ara presents its debut EP The Blessed Sleep to give the genre the shot of artistic savagery it needs. Rather than littering their compositions with flurries of notes that champion an alienating complexity over songwriting craft and still not falling victim to the tongue in cheek homage riffing that makes up the old school revival, Ara delivers five songs that bear no compromise to the current sounds that pass for extreme and instead carves an identity for itself where few debut releases dare to tread. Comprised of members of progressive instrumental band Concentric and sludge band Northless, Ara weaves layers of melody into its songs without sacrificing the brutality of each one, and balances tunefulness and discordance with ease. Dynamically versatile and still youthfully rabid, Ara successfully merges a technical approach with catchy arrangements to present a record that both initially devastates the listener and still lingers in the head long after it’s over- a technique lost among many who attempt the style currently. In a mere 21 minutes, Ara makes clear they are hungry to approach the mantle of death metal’s elite, and with The Blessed Sleep, the band is well on its way.


released December 26, 2012

Adam Bujny - Vocals
Jerry Hauppa - Guitars
James Becker - Bass/Vocals
Erik Stenglein - Drums

Recorded and Mixed by Ara and Shane Hochstetler at Howl Street Recordings
Mastered by Trevor Sadler at Mastermind Productions



all rights reserved


Ara Milwaukee, Wisconsin

5 piece death metal band from Milwaukee, WI, featuring members of Northless, Shroud of Despondency and Concentric.

James Becker-bass
Adam Bujny-vocals
Jerry Hauppa-guitar
Jon Liedtke- guitar
Erik Stenglein- drums
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Track Name: Entitled Ascension
Rise above them
Rise, take your throne
Rise above them
Rise and take your throne

Remember the blood inside your veins
Dismember all those who meet your gaze
Cut them down and receive your blood-gift
By birthright without equal; issue your cruel decrees

My reflection speaks to me
Whispering psalms to poison my mind

Soon enough the world will know my cruelty
Clench my iron fist on the throat of this world
For this task, I was born

Quench your bloodthirst
Give what's deserved
Deranged commands
Come from within

Vile greed...

Let free my subconscious
Cold psychotic
My rise, I have earned it
Savage beatings
For those who oppose me
I breathe deeply
Take in the foul stenches
Of the dead and defeated

High priest, god king
Call me your lord, reigning always
Downward, I gaze silently

I deserve everything I see
Rid myself of my empathy
Fulfilling my dark destiny
Rising up and conquering

Now the world is mine.
Track Name: Demise of Reason
Revival of grave-borne tyrants, returning to dethrone reason
Unmaking all that once was, beneath black skies the ungods rise

Horrific apocryphal prophesy reveals dark truths hiding from light no more
Shared fate of all flesh-bound mortals is everlasting unlife

The bloodstained sands of time drain down through the doomsday hourglass
The age of man has passed
A world consumed by death and dread

None will survive
Famine and strife
Messianic unchrists bring death to life

Eyes all seeing, mind all knowing
Reign of madness; demon fascists
Impaled faithful
Putrid stenches; befouled planet

Black dawn breaks on unhallowed eyes
Bearing eternal witness to the failure of righteousness
A new age of torment begins

There is no escape
Endless discordant cries of sorrow resound over carnage strewn wastelands
Arch-kings make their unholy ascent to thrones of bone and sinew.
Track Name: The Blessed Sleep
Speaking in ancient tongues, the blind whisper the truth
Craving that which cannot be obtained: waking life forevermore

Solemn pleading for the great cessation stifled by the gaze of the unclosing eyewall

A misbegotten nonentity
Rising from the grave eternally
Souls of the fallen will not be free

No, they must rise again
Undeath calling
Conscripted post-mortem only to die again
Serve your deity
Immortal defiance
Vulgar beings built from eternity all share the same longing: only sleep

Severing ancient tongues, blind immortals enslaved
Craving that which cannot be obtained: waking life forevermore

Eternals draw their last breath
But no sleep will come unto them
Their graves disturbed and desecrated
Bleed, they bleed; denied repentance
Behind their eyes a tortured soul burns

Bow down to the creator of this curse
He who feeds on prayers for the end
Awake remains of those who have died breathe anew; undead servitude

Behold; a monument
A hideous pylon commemorates vacant grave-sites

I will escape this necromancy; I will not heed his vile decree
The final resting place of suffering; my soul will die here with me
Unlike all the eternals before me I will achieve the blessed sleep
I close my eyes but will not dream
Do no shed tears, no do not weep
Fulfill my wish, let my life cease.
Track Name: Despair Personified
Bring forth all your sadness unto me
I will swallow your insanity
Take my hand for I am hope's defeat
Forged from despair; a new entity

Take me with you to the grave
I drink your tears for sustenance

Now see true misery
There is no more reason to continue the lies you have been told
I will destroy all false pretenses; in truth you will find strength
Use your clear eyes; rid yourself of your hope
Believe life is cruelty
The end draws near...

Salvation never was a possibility
Meaningless prayers whispered to deaf skies
A hymn to this world where all the righteous sigh
Unflinching, I gaze upon rivers of congealed hopes and dreams all crushed and rotting
This hellscape is the natural order of this world seen clearly

This gift I give to you
Consecrate my worldview
Peer out through my black eyes
Despise the illusion

Oh, the rapture denied, all faith dies
Epistemological contagion; disease of reason inside you
I, despair personified.
Track Name: Abyssal Banishment
My mind awakens, I discard my flesh
No further use for my physical form
In endless darkness I drift all alone

I will sail this void
Blight upon those who imprison me
Inter-dimensional hypocrisy
Victim of hubris that lies beneath
Abandon my shell, my frailty

Corruption permeates the lies called law and faith
A singularity, nothingness is my home

Gathering my strength to exert my will

Without my eyes I can see
Without my flesh I can feel
In my undeath I will reign
Blight upon you...

And now I will inflict all of my anguish upon you all
For aeons banished, now you will fall
And now I will infect
All of creation; poisoned, diseased
Putrefaction of all that breathes

My mind finally rests control from entropy

Die, everyone die now.