Devourer of Worlds

from by Ara

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I, the devourer of worlds slumber no longer
I hunger to end all life
Creation’s demise from the frozen depths of space
My magnificence must be shared with the universe
Thus, I begin my journey

Death, the lattice upon which I will paint my masterpiece
Unfurl my endless limbs; extend my reach everywhere
The simultaneous screams of billions of souls crushed soon will fill the silent expanse of outerspace

I, God’s nightmare; sentience’s doom
Slowly at first, I open my jaws
Shattering ice; an ancient prison
My iron heart pounds inside my chest

Life, the fickle candle’s flame that I seek to extinguish
Leaving behind only trails of disgorged wurmholes
I will stop at nothing to consume every planet
The simultaneous screams of billions of souls crushed
Soon will fill the silence my ears have heard for too long
Fistfuls of star systems; I will wolf them all down
Feed my ceaseless hunger

Broken free from my cage, now I will feast
My boundless intellect seeks to snuff out all thought
Eyes of all worlds gaze on my perfection as my fangs approach them
An endless expanse of gnashing teeth fill the sky, now you all will die
Perish; You will be masticated and then forgotten

I, travelling at light speed

Beast beyond imagining
Become one with me now

I’ll tear a hole in spacetime
No dimension left for life to exist in

I come upon the final sun
My mirrorskin reflects the light
I’ve come to end the march of time
Consume every single thing

In absolute darkness I retreat

All creation unmade

Desecrated oblivion; all that remains
I have become the vacant black expanse and so into myself I will fade.


from Devourer of Worlds, released December 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Ara Milwaukee, Wisconsin

5 piece death metal band from Milwaukee, WI, featuring members of Northless, Shroud of Despondency and Concentric.

James Becker-bass
Adam Bujny-vocals
Jerry Hauppa-guitar
Jon Liedtke- guitar
Erik Stenglein- drums
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